Pressure Washing | Vancouver

Gaston Gutter Cleaning of Vancouver - Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a cleaning method using high-pressure water spray. Ever since this method came out, we’ve offered the service. After years of experience pressure washing, we know its one of the most efficient, most cost-effective, and fastest methods of washing an exterior surface. Pressure washing is great for cleaning off loose paint, mold, dust, crusty mud, and years of debris that have accumulated in your gutters, on your roofs and walls, or in between the cracks of pavement.

Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing

Amateurs freely interchange between pressure washing and power washing, but after years of experience, we know they are not the same and should be used accordingly. Pressure washing is high-pressure water spray while power washing is high-pressure heated water spray. You may think there is not a big difference, but there can be depending on the surface you want to clean. Heated water can damage some surfaces and leave marks or dry out the surface. Its important to know the difference so your surface isn’t damaged during the process, especially considering that pressure washing uses such high-pressure on surfaces that can already be damaging if not used correctly.

Pressure Washing Gutters

One of the fastest ways to clean gutters is using pressure washing. Sticking a hose on one end of a gutter and spraying high-pressure water down the gutter is extremely effective in pushing any stuck debris and getting mold out of the way, too. Yet, professionals must do this job because if your downspout or part of your gutter are clogged, forcing high-pressured water through a clogged pipe is not a great idea and you could end up damaging the material. We’ll make sure your gutters are clear of debris before we implement the last step of gutter cleaning.

Pressure Washing Walls

Pressure washing walls is a great way to get mold and cracked mud out of the way. You’ll be surprised at how different your walls look after they have been cleaned. Many times, we don’t realize how opaque exterior walls have gotten over the years, but with constant exposure to UV rays, extreme temperature changes, pollution and other radical particles, its easy to understand how a layer of organic soot can accumulate over the walls. The high-pressure washing will clean any surface and bring it back to its original coloring and skin.

Pressure Washing for Special Event

If you are planning a special event soon, perhaps you’re hosting a wedding or anniversary at your place, you may want to consider getting your exterior walls cleaned to show off your home looking its best. Give us a call to get an estimate for a pressure washing for your exterior walls for a special event. We offer this service for commercial buildings as well. Having clean, bright exterior walls is the cherry on the top if you’re preparing for a special day and it will make pictures that much more memorable if your house looks spectacular!