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Gutter guards are nets or light pieces of metal that are fixed over your gutters to protect them from accumulating debris. They can be allies most of the time, preventing acorns, rodents, leaves, and blossoms from falling into your gutters and clogging downspouts, but they also require routine seasonal maintenance. If you’re interested in getting gutter guards, we’ll do an evaluation on your house to see if it would be a good investment according to your location and the type of gutters you have.


The team of professional contractors at Gaston Gutter Cleaning Services of Vancouver have years of experience installing gutter guards. If you decide to get gutter guards from the start, we’ll include the installation with the gutter installation. Yet, most people decide to get gutter guards after they’ve installed their gutters. We can also install gutter guards over previously installed gutters and will make sure the job looks neat and has aesthetic value: no one wants awkward gutter guards standing out. One of the keys in installing gutter guards is making sure they can be opened to facilitate cleaning and repairs.


Even though gutter guards are made of sturdy metal materials, whether it’s a thin metal cover or a netting cover, they can also break or fall victim to daily wear and tear. Its difficult to notice when a gutter guard is broken because they are usually feet over ground. Yet, common signs of broken gutter guards are blocked gutters, overflowing gutters, or blocked downspouts. If you’ve noticed these things, its possible one of your gutter guards is broken and is letting debris into the gutter. Our team is able to do gutter guard repairs at a cost-efficient price for you. We’ll make sure you’re getting covered by your gutter guards!


Even though gutter guards are designed to keep debris out of your gutters, and they do a great job of it, too, debris sometimes manages to weasel its way into gutters anyway. Debris accumulation is not nearly as severe as it would be without gutter guards, but we recommend cleaning your gutters (if you have gutter guards) about once every two years. The Gaston Gutter Cleaning contractors of Vancouver can do this job for you, we’ll carefully remove gutter guards to clean gutters and downpipes and then fix them back on tightly.

Choosing the Right Kind

Like so many other products on the market, there are numerous types of gutter guards you can choose from. If you are hesitant about what kind is best for you, get in touch with us and we’ll help guide you through the choices. After years of experience in the Vancouver area, we know what kind of gutter guards are best for this area’s weather. We’ll also take a look at your gutters, your home’s dimensions, and the number of trees around your home to give you the best market suggestions. We’ll find one that’s both useful and beautiful.